Monday, July 8, 2013

Importance of Dreaming

Christianity is often viewed as a religion which is simple minded. There is something too simple about it and it is for simple people or so many critics think.

The reality is that Christianity is full of many difficult and important truths. For example the world always tends to seek it's pleasure in isolation.

Man is autonomous and his pleasure is in the forefront. Maybe other men will fit into his plans and be part of his pleasure, but it is only if it pleases him.

Christianity is very different. The pleasure of the other is in the forefront. Pleasure is found in community. One finds that you find your ultimate pleasure by serving and not by being served.

The Christian truth from the bible that "it is more blessed to give then to receive is an example." Maybe this is hard to see, but maybe we all glimpse it it moments when we give someone a gift and we share in their joy of receiving the gift.
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