Thursday, July 11, 2013

True Healing in God

For people with broken lives often the though is that healing can be found in psychology sessions and self help groups. Certainly there is truth in these things, but it not of an ultimate nature.

Man's ultimate problems are his separation from God. All other problems are a result of this first problem although often in a distant sense.

Through relation to God we find the power to grow in our problems. Forgiveness, peace, joy, and healing can all be found through proper relation to God.

I say proper relation to God because there are many relations to God which are not proper. Certain theologies such as prosperity theology and other doctrinal deficient theologies may lack the power to help people because they may not properly relate one to God.

Proper relation to God is accepting his promises and trusting God that he has provided all the solution already needed in the person and work of Jesus and that we cannot and need not add anything.
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