Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good Biblical Hermeneutics

I always view that good biblical hermeneutics need to be very simple. Scripture has many complex things to say but most of the teachings of the bible are very simple.

Often it is easy to become to cleaver when we read the bible. It is easy to second guess God's wisdom.

Can that text really mean that? Was that simply a cultural context and not really the teaching of scripture? Many questions of this nature hide an element of unbelief.

We do not want to trust that God knows better than we do. It is often easy to not like the will of God. It seems our path seems more pleasant at times than God's path.

The reality is that God's plan is to make us happy in himself. The law serves to protect human happiness not attack it.

A sophisticated hermeneutical approach is often intended to explain why the bible says things which offend our culture. The reality is we do not need to make the bible suitable to our culture rather we need to make our culture learn to understand why the bible says what it does and why the bibles teaching is loving.
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