Monday, September 2, 2013

Attractiveness of Church

The attractiveness of the church needs to be found in that it lives in a different way from the world. A lot of churches are attempting to mimic the world to attract attenders.

Many churches at times seem to be attempting to create a large scale social club which people will desire to join. Once people see the social club is desirable to be in hopefully they will notice that Jesus is also attractive to have faith in.

Certainly there is value of trying to meet the world were it is in order to reach the world. I am a bit doubtful of the approach because it is not the approach I see Jesus or any of his disciples follow.

Their approach was always to follow God no matter how strange it seemed and in this way people came to desire Jesus. People desire Jesus because he is different than the world not because he is like the world.

I have honestly never found churches that try to entertain me to have any interest. I can find far more entertaining things to do with my life.

Why I find church interesting is I meet a Savior who knows who I am and understand what I need. The need is peace after having fallen into estrangement with God.
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