Thursday, September 5, 2013

One Way

The exclusivity of the Christian message has often been troubling to people. Jesus proclaimed clearly that the only way to God was through faith in himself.

This message troubles people and people often to not like it. The problem with the bible is that exposes us our sin and our debt before God.

Pride is one of the great sins of fallen mankind. We do not like to be told we are sinners.

The great appeal of universalism or many paths go God is we do not have to deal with man of the sin issues. In many ways it does not please us that God has only create one path.

The sort of criticism of the church is that God has been unfair to only provide one way to himself. Interestingly what the bible teaches is quite different God is quite gracious to have provided a way to himself.

We see in the bible that fallen man does not deserve a way to God because of his sin. It is pride, our sin, which suggest the lie that we have something which God owes us.

The reality is that God paid a heavy price in the way he obtained the one path. He sent his only Son Jesus to suffer and die on a cross.

We can say what we like, but the reality is that we do not deserve anything. God offers grace which is free and undeserved. It is our sin which clouds our judgement to suggest God owes us more.

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