Monday, August 12, 2013

Love and Knowledge

A certain ideal of love has been formed in our culture by movies and TV. It is as if love is something that can be found apart from knowledge.

We hear of many couples who feel "in love" almost immediately and have been married for many years. It is interesting that the value of the success of a marriage has become if peoples marriages survive.

In relationships we are often too easily satisfied. We rush into relationships with the belief of the result. The reality is that love is based on knowledge.

Sometimes "love at first sight" happens to be correct, but the reality is that true love is based on knowledge. This is why the bible describes worship as being in spirit and truth.

There is no true worship of God apart from knowledge. Worship is essentially the act of a person in which they express their love for God. So there is a tight connection between knowledge and love.

It is always interesting how worship is moving more and more into the experiential state with little care for knowledge. Maybe we have redefined love in such a way that we can no longer understand what real love is?

Maybe our worship is terribly flawed because our view of relationships is terribly flawed? I feel this is the case. We have separated love and knowledge often at a great cost in both religion and human relationships. For a post which where I talk about about how faith is based on content look here: faith is content based
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