Thursday, August 8, 2013

Useless Information as Destructive

There are sorts of information in life which are useless to oneself. It is interesting how many people at times take the effort to seek out knowledge which is has no use to themselves.

Often this sort of behavior comes from an evil heart. Why do we wish to know things about others which do not affect us?

Our culture has baptized knowledge and information whole scale. It is true there is a great benefit to knowledge in general, but not all knowledge is good.

There often needs to be as John Calvin would say "a certain learned ignorance." Not all questions are helpful to ask. Not all answers are good to know.

It is interesting the nightly local news in a large American city. If I write down the news this week and compare it the the news next week it is almost all the same. Change a few persons and places and I can to a large extent tell you most of the local news for the next few months.

When we watch news have we really gained information or knowledge? Often, no. Sometimes there are events that matter, but often it is history repeating itself ad nauseum.

If we see the cycle of news is it intelligent or good to watch? I cannot say absolutely but I feel it may not be.
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