Monday, August 5, 2013

The Christian Life

Some Christians have a theology which tends to have a fairly unpleasant taste. I find that a common issue tends to be an over realized eschatology.

What this simply means is the person thinks that what is only possible in heaven can be achieved on earth. Basically the expectation of sanctification is too high.

Often the great irony is that since the expectation of sanctification is too high there is a need to dumb down the law of God. So the law becomes very easy to fulfill.

With an easy to fulfill law the actions of a person often seem to simply fail to comprehend the teachings of Jesus. This is true since the teachings of Jesus are impossible to live up to in this life.

Since we always live by grace and we can never get past grace in this life there is not a need to feel that we must fulfill the law perfectly. We should desire to do so but know that we will fail.

If we believe we have succeeded in fulfilling the law entirely we have already failed in some why. The question is simply where our failure is.

Grace is something apart form our works and actions. It is a proper relation to Jesus and his works and actions.

We are saved by being united to faith to the perfect earthly life of Jesus and his saving work on the Cross.

We do not need to feel that we must add something to the salvation we have been given. We should seek to please God, but as children already part of his family.
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