Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happiness in Life

Happiness is something which is truly worth having in life. Some thinkers have noted that all men seek happiness and this seems true.

The great difficulty is what brings happiness. The answers are many at times. This or that will bring happiness.

Strangely is always this item or that achievement which will finalize happiness. But always something is lacking.

Lewis notes in his writings that this lack exists because the lack was meant to be filled by God. God is a fullness of which can overflow to fill our lack.

It is interesting that it is always noted by people that God is in some sense against our happiness. When from the beginning of scripture in the chapter of Genesis God lays down rules to protect man.

Man was happy but then he decided that he knew more than God and he was unhappy. It is the same way today people do not like God’s way because it seems to exclude their happiness.

So men reject God and then they are often unhappy. This is not absolute, but I always find when I am far from God a sense of lack is always very close behind me.

When I am near to God there is always peace. The world likes to think that people could not universally like the same things.

The reality is people do universally like the same things overall just the things tend to be bad. This is often used as evidence against God that God tells mankind to do thinks that man does not like.

Of course the bible simply places the picture differently man does not like God’s ideas because man is dead in sin and in rebellion against God.
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