Monday, September 16, 2013

Tough Times

When we go through difficult times in life it is often most difficult because we realize how few people are our friends. Some people we believed to be friends simply do not care about us.

Some friends we soon realize cannot remember a single thing about us. We would not have noticed or cared much had we not realized that they could not remember our pain.

Some friends prove to be sincere but are painful themselves because they cannot figure out how to relate to us in our state.

When we pass through the difficult time we sit and look at our friends. There are those who are true gold, those who have proved to be completely worthless and those that we are unsure of.

The interesting thing is that God wishes to actively be our friend when we are his enemy. Often those who are friends often do not care about use even when we do them God.

God is different he seeks us out even when we do him harm. Some people say that God cannot forgive them for their sins.

God forgave Nineveh, Paul, The prostitute, ect… The only condition is faith which is accompanied with repentance.

That is the issue in the end. We like the idea of grace but not repentance. This is the basis for the liberal God which has no relation the Christian God.

But religion on our own terms is not as nice as it seems. Because the law always serves our joy.

Of course God who is supremely happy created the law and man knew now misery before he disobeyed the law.

I suppose it is a great lie of this age that God does not wish for us to be happy. The bible states clearly that God wishes man to be happy, but God wishes to also set man straight on what true happiness is.
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