Monday, October 21, 2013

Law and Happiness

I've mentioned previously that the law serves to protect human happiness. I'd like to go into some specifics today about how the law actually serves to protect human happiness in some of the less popular parts of the law today.

I'd first like to deal with money. The idea that God desires mankind to support the ministry of the church through the giving of money is something which has been particular offensive to the modern mind today.

Giving is what drove me away from religion is a frequent comment of many former church goers. The reality is that studies show overall charitable giving has a highly positive influence on people. A link to an article which is typical of many studies is

A common objection is that givers to religion are giving to an institution with little benefit to the world when the could be giving to real needs like the poor.

I would object that the church adds little value to the world, but the reality is that church goes giving exceeds non church goers giving in almost all categories of giving outside the church with the exception of the field of giving to the arts and humanities.

I cannot say why people hate the principle of giving in the bible so much. I suppose again it is man hating that God may know better for man than man knows for himself.

Another topic is the principles of marriage in the the bible. I suppose this is beaten to death at times, but no one ever wishes to deal with the research which that suggest that sexual happiness decreases for people the more partners they have.

Always there is a brokenness which remains as people move from partner to partner.

A great thinker once said "the bible is right even when it appears to be wrong." I have found this to be the case.

I have often felt the bible must be wrong, necessarily so. And later discovered it is right.

Now I simply trust if I feel the bible is wrong I must be missing something. It is more likely I am wrong and I simply have to wait and learn how I am wrong.
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