Sunday, October 27, 2013

God and Man

The Christian God is a being who transcends man’s mind. The holiness of God means that he is set apart and not as man is.

The bible says that Gods thoughts are not our thoughts and his ways not our ways. When we meet the Christian God we meet with paradox.

The magnitude of being is difficult to understand. It is not that God does not make sense but that we are very small.

Man's first sin was comparing his understanding to that of God. Often we do not think that the Lord knows what he is doing.

It is always our first sin because we are small. We see evil in God when we should see error in ourselves.

God is complicated he greaves for sinners and hates sin and the complexity of his emotion often leads men to feel the bible makes no sense.

Is God angry or sad or wishing of love? Yes. You see we always wish to make God like us to make his personhood small as our personhood is small.

The reality is the complexity which we meet is above our mind and we can only start to grasp the complexity when we step back in faith and sigh and realize that it is we who are small and need to be taught and not God.

Then we can begin to understand and slowly be transformed to take on a small amount of the character of the divine nature.
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