Thursday, November 7, 2013

Knowledge of God

How can we know God's nature? Many people have suggested that God is unknowable.

There is a certain plausibility at first since God is not like us. The bible makes this very clear.

However the bible always asserts that God wishes to make himself known. Thus the pendulum swings to a desire for complete knowledge of God.

We cannot know God completely as he is above human capacity to understand.

A strange notion is in the world of the dichotomy between the OT God and the NT Jesus. As if the OT God did not preach forgiveness and Jesus does not preach condemnation.

Almost all theological error is a simplification. The teaching of scripture is always difficult. Jesus is tender and yet has a great severity against sin.

Often we find in God facets which seem impossible to coincide. The answer is always that our personhood is too small.

It is not that God is double minded it is that we are too small to truly experience the complexity of proper emotions.

Sometimes we get close. Maybe we feel happy for someone who beat us at one moment in a competition and disappointment the next.

Emotion has a mixture at times and the person of God has a higher mixture of emotion because his personhood is infinite and all other personhood is in fact derivative from his personhood.
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