Sunday, November 24, 2013

Humility before God

Often when we sit before the teaching of God we need to have humility. Often we see texts which are difficult to reconcile. Is God angry and sin and grieving about the sinners in the same instance. Yes.

Is God sovereign and man free and responsible. Yes.

You see we always make the teaching of scripture more complicated that it is. God simply tells us the way the world is.

However you see we in our smallness wish to figure out how it all fits together. We try to loop the teaching of scripture into a coherent form that we can understand.

This is the error of course is that we are small and we are weak and limited and cannot understand the breath and depth of the knowledge of God.

Often we just need to be humble before scripture and trust that it makes sense even though we do not understand. You see there is a certain sort of trust in paradox that is not irrational.

Many theologians have spoken of faith seeking understanding. This is the way we should live we should have faith and say yes to all elements of scripture.

You see scripture is always right even when it seems wrong. We are just a few steps down our eternal journey of learning about God and it is not surprising that our minds cannot grasp the infinite God.

What is surprising is our great confidence that we can know God and grasp his mind. Or even more surprising that some in the church thing that they know better than God.

You see it is our sin and pride which makes us want to put the Christian religion into a box. It is all too complicated and we do not like that understanding is easy and we have not gotten and will not in this life get past faith.
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