Sunday, November 24, 2013

To Speak Clearly

In general clear speech is a theological virtue.  Often intelligent people can sidestep a question very easily with an answer which seems to indicate one thing but often does not.

Theological phrases can of course be used in a similar way.  People are often deceived by a person who says something in a way which they know will be misinterpreted.

Often you will find that people who speak in unclear ways when confronted will say the listener has not really listened.  It is the listeners fault for not understanding the nuance of what was said.

I suppose there may be some truth in this, but the reality is that the intelligent person should speak to be understood not to use the intelligence to hide what is said.

There are always times for tact and not saying exactly the way things are in life and the church.  But overall speaking to be understood is a virtue.

It is not a virtue to speak as to not be understood in general.  Sometimes a question is floated that is inappropriate and sidestepping the question can be a virtue but overall speaking clearly is a virtue in life and theology.
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