Sunday, December 15, 2013

To be different - righteous

Christianity issues a challenge in the world to be righteous. To be righteous is to be set apart. Simply we are to be different than the world.

You see if we are different than the world we must first have a way in which to be different. This is what we find in the bible. Second we must understand the world in which we are in.

Also we must understand that often part of being righteous is to be skeptical of the teaching of Christians and the church. You see other Christians and the church are blessings from God, but they error.

Our brother in Jesus is a blessing to us but he is a sinner as we are and blind as we are blind. Often he is blind in different ways be we all see through a glass darkly.

We are all on the journey together and need to realize that our brother in his moment of giving wisdom may be more lost than we are in our state of needing wisdom.
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