Thursday, December 12, 2013

Being Someone

Obviously change of any type cannot come about without action in the world. But often action without foundation is futile.

Many times our efforts our undermined by our lack of preparation. One thinks of Billy Graham who suggested that at the end of his ministry one thing he would change if he did his ministry again was to spend more studying and less time preaching.

Often to have an affect we must first be someone. Many people feel that spending hours in prayer, studying God's word or studying theology will in some sense be a waste.

It is interesting because the bible does not have this view of itself. We need to do something relevant the modern church says.

The bible describes itself as relevant. We need to sit before the feet of God. To sit with Jesus and listen to what he has to say is more relevant that action at times.

Often the issue is we do too much and focus too little on trying to know God. We can often do far more by trying to do far less.

The bible makes the case of this by the concept of Sabbath. Really at the heart is the idea that in 6 days we can do more with faith than 7 days without faith.
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