Saturday, December 7, 2013

Biblical Satisfaction

To be satisfied is something which is a biblical good. Dissatisfaction is a result of and in a sense the cause of the fall.

We want more than we have. We are given something good by a loved one or God but we want more.

We see many people who are given great things and want just a bit more. You see dis-satisfaction is a result of the fall.

Many times we have real needs and wants and it is fine to feel that we wish they be filled. Dis-satisfaction is different we have everything we should really need including many niceties but we cannot be satisfied.

At the core dissatisfaction is infinite in nature. The human heart has a hole which can only be filled be the infinite God as known through the person of Jesus.

You see why mankind can never be satisfied is because he was meant for something far larger. He may stuff this or that into the hole in his heart but the hole will never be filled.

We are foolish people and our sin tempts us to believe that this or that small thing will finally make us happy. In the end God is all that matters and only he can satisfy.

Dissatisfaction has a positive side. It points us to our need for a relationship to God. God sits and waits for men to come to him all they must do is admit they have need and desire his company and look to the cross and ask for free grace.
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