Wednesday, December 4, 2013

To Have One Thought

Often we will face a choice. Whose opinion do we care about?

We are often faced with the need to make a choice. Because the opinions in the world are nearly infinite.

Mankind has a basic agreement on very few things and even those few things we will fine people who disagree on them.

Even more of an issue is that often mankind agrees on certain things which God has expressed displeasure about.

We have a priority of our beliefs. Maybe we are not aware of the priority but we can see the priority at some moments.

Who will we please first God or our friends. The state or God. Our friends or the state.

You see that we cannot please everyone. Some people will play the fence and try to please everyone in every circumstance.

Really they have given up on truth. Unity is all that matters and not truth.

The bible places a great importance on unity but also on truth. There is a certain tension in these concepts which is why the bible says that that is a time for peace and a time for war and a time for everything under the sun.

We always need to act with wisdom but have a sense of priority. The reality of life is that as long as we seek to love God and our fellow man we cannot go much wrong, but we will find that we will be caught up in many tensions.

We will be placed with principles against each other. People will often try to make the bible in conflict with the bible and God in conflict with the church.

You see people always wish to twist the bible. It would seem simple that we should do good on the Sabbath, but men will wish to suggest we should only rest and never do God.

People always wish to make God a liar and in this way dismiss what the bible has to say. Really often we simply find issues with clear teaching which is sensible because we do not like it.

The reality is we often believe to be true what we like and the bible does not often say what we like. This is why we need a new birth to see as beautiful what we had not seen as beautiful before.
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