Saturday, January 25, 2014

An Honesty in Prayer

Prayer in the church often follows a formula. We it at times has a superficiality.

In a sense it is too theological and too pristine. I suppose there is nothing wrong with a theological and pristine prayer in the church, but I hope that in personal prayer lives prayer is not of this nature.

You see prayer is us talking to our father in heaven God. We do not need to remind him of theology or what we know. We need to speak freely to him.

Often our lives are a mess and it is important to say what we feel not what we feel we are supposed to say.

In relationships there must always be honesty. In the end God is right and we are often wrong but we need to be honest how we feel even if we admit it is wrong.

In life people may often go to a counselor to say what they feel. You see we should treat God in this way at some times as one who is there to listen.

It always seems more important that we tell God what we feel in prayer rather than to worry if our prayer is theologically acceptable or not. You see God will worry about how to respond but it is important that we say what we feel.

We act at times like God cannot handle our emotion or anger at things. As if we can hind our true feelings and heart and if we don’t express the feelings in prayer he will not know the feelings exist.

You see he already knows how we feel but it is of great help to express the feelings. In the psalms often the prayers are far more “woolly and rugged” than we see in the church. The reason is the prayers are truthful.

Often the modern prayers in the church replace theology with truth. Really it misses the point the prayer is a conversation and not an extension of the sermon or teaching tool.
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