Saturday, January 4, 2014


There are complete stories, incomplete stories, and untrue incomplete stories.

A complete story is by definition true if we like the story or not. Incomplete stories can often be true as well.

Many stories are such that if we went into all the minutia of the story the gist is lost in the details.

The bible always deals with complete and incomplete stories which are true. Sometimes the details are a bit right but how can we complain as we often struggle to master the contents of the 1500 page volume?

The bible does not say enough is always an objection. Well have you understood it from start to finish? It is dense with content and has no fluff.

The greatest issue to the church is selective verse quoting which redacts verses from context or sometimes removes chains of steps from the chain which all steps are linked.

The most common one is this incomplete untruth: Christians should make peace with each other absolutely? Really is this what the bible says?

Thankfully no. The final step is to shun the Christian who refuses to repent.

You see the Devil loves to twist scripture and make wisdom into absolutes and make absolutes and to redact texts into forms which lack truth.

Many statements are true but only in context. Change the context and the truth often functions as lie.
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