Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Seeing Spirtually

The bible calls us to see spiritually by faith and to not live by sight. What is seeing by faith?

First it is a call to understand the bible on its own terms. We must first realize that our sight is bad and often flawed.

Our initial tendency is often wrong. Basically we are often blind to the true nature of things.

It is not a code which we need to crack. The bible makes it very clear where we are blind if we care to listen.

Often we read the words and say, "yes; yes I believe that" and move along. The bible for example says that the poor women who put her last 2 coins into the offering gave more than all the rest.

We get a tear in our eye at the story and then forget what we see are impressed by the rich businessman who we heard rumored gave $10,000 to this or that event.

It is interesting in church as I sit in the pew. I try not to see what others give but you sometimes can. There are always a few people who seem very poor and put a handful of dollar bills into the plate as it is passed.

It is an inspiring thing really. You see how great their faith is. In that moment they have had far more faith than the rich business man and given far more.

But we always forget this. We stack the elder boards of churches with rich business men who "understand" how to run churches. We are surprised they make a muck of things.

Well you see we cannot say absolutely but they really haven't grasped the will of God in a terribly meaningful way. The often live in houses that are 10 times the size and price they need. They consume far more than they need.

I suppose this all sounds very gnostic but you see there are people everywhere who are in need and I sincerely hope for the souls of these people the millions of unnecessary dollars these people spend they are also being equally generous to God.

I do not know what they give but statistically the rich give the lowest percentage of their money to causes on the basis of total income. You see they are statistically in a poor place to be rich to God culturally.

God sees giving based on capacity. Man sees it based on quantity. They quantity they give easily reaches "praise worth" status far before they have given a real drop based on capacity. If the poor women had 2 coins they have 2 million coins and man will greatly praise them if they give 100 coins in public.
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