Friday, January 10, 2014

Divided Man

Walt Whitman once said, "Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself."

This saying has a lot of importance. You see as Christians we can often learn many things from those outside the church.

The bible always tells man that he is a sinner. He has a nature of sin and a new nature birthed by grace.

You see there is an inner conflict within the Christian. He is a divided man.

Before he was a Christian he had no division but he has made progress by being divided. You see he now has part of the truth within him and he is growing in the right direction.

But he is a divided man who will often fall and say things he should not say. You see to be a Christian is to live in contradiction between what we know is right and what we often say and do.

Really as a Christian we should admit we live in contradiction. Maybe we need to address the contradiction more completely at times and take back what we have said at times.

But really there is a great usefulness in simply admitting we do not have it all together. We are saved by faith. We do not have to have it all together.

It is messier at times to claim we have it all together than to admit the truth. You see if your lives are a mess and a confusing one at that it does not improve us to lie to ourselves and others about the fact.
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