Saturday, January 11, 2014

To be Right

As people we have an insatiable desire to be right. We are often desire to be right or have our way even at great cost to ourselves.

I think a line from a 70s song songs up a proper spirit a Christian should have: "if loving you is wrong i don't wanna be right."

Obviously the whole message of the song is a against Christian values, but the idea that we should not care about being right is interesting. We should care about being truly right but not about being right in the moment or in the past.

It is always the human tendency to self justify ourselves and need for our actions to be right and have been right. This is often why problems in human society get worse. We all fail but we do not like to admit it and often the problems get worse because of our failure to admit failure.

We often need to back track to the truth. Always the phrase back track in our society is used negatively.

I wonder why? We are often of course in life and the only logical idea is to move back to the trail. If Christianity is a path and we wonder then we should go back to the path.

I suppose the idea is that we shouldn't in a good sense back track because we should never in a bad sense leave the trail. This idea has a false rosy view of human nature and a lack of perspective of the fog of life and the ease of sin.

We will fail and will be wrong and then it is right to admit we are wrong.
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