Tuesday, January 28, 2014

God: Good but Not Safe

C.S. Lewis wrote about how when a man accepts God into his life God has a tendency to being rearranging and remodeling his life in the most unexpected ways.

To me I have always found it difficult to chose between conservative protestantism and liberal protestantism. I find far more of value in conservative Protestantism, but it lacks something.

That something tends to be a sense of the Church as an agent of change outside of simply the preaching of the gospel. The conservative Church does tend to tout a few token positions it holds dearly.

I do not disagree with those positions but they tend to be less central to the postions the bible has interest in.

The poor is the issue above all the bible has interst in. It is hard to dispute given the shear quantity of time the bible speaks about the issue, but conservatives often miss the issue entirely.

The liberal church at times throws the whole gospel out the window and tends to ignore different issues.

I suppose there needs to be an outside of the box thinking. I do not feel many types of church have interest in (past affirmation) all the teachings of the bible.

You will see a few churches concerned with most everything but most tend to pick and chose and justify themselves in doing so.

It is a subtle redaction that occures in liberal and conservative churches alike. A church can redact a topic simply by failing to preach on it.

You see God is an activist in some ways.  He has something to confront everyone with.  He is good, but not safe.
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