Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The End and Now

Often we see in life people ponder how they would have changed things if they knew how things would have turned out. At the end the see the result of actions which have happened and they wonder what they would have changed.

Obviously each of us has an end and to some degree each end seems unique. But it is a bit illusory. You see there are only 2 main ends. Life and Death. Heaven and hell.

Some people laugh and it is all too easy to dismiss. It seems too simple really at times. Always we should take another look at the simplicity of Christianity.

You see all of man’s thinking has not really solved the darkness in man. Man is who the bible says he is in an unmistakable sense if he is really honest about it. He is the man the bible describes and he is in need of what Jesus through the cross has to offer.
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