Friday, January 31, 2014

Theology and Living

Theology is a discipline which is learned by living.  On the surface it appears to be something from a book, an all important book, which must be intellectually understood and then practically applied.

Really though theology is learned by living.  We often learn theology more through life than we would expect.  You see the bible speaks of sin and our self and we encounter sin and our self in the world.

The bible is always speaking to us directly confronting us in every aspect of our life with our actions and comforting us in every aspect with the life and death of Christ which surpasses all knowledge.

You see theology is always practical.  It does not appear so at many times and many preachers see the need to try to explain in the practicality.

I more enjoy just trusting in the practicality of God's word.  Just read and learn and enjoy.  Many texts do not have an easy practical application to know in the quiet of ones home or study.

You see it is when we enter the world suddenly we meet something and theology becomes practical.  Often in a way we do not expect.

That is why I personally am unconcerned with the practicality of theology.  It's use will become known in our lives as we live out our faith.

Often the practical application from the sermon will not be the practical application in my life.  To be coy, a sermon is an exposition and proclamation of God's word not a foretelling of the future of course.
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