Saturday, February 1, 2014

Can God Accept Me

Can God accept me? I have done this or that and can God accept me?

The question takes many similar forms. The answer is always, yes.

Some people live life like they have no sin. They can do no wrong.

Some people live life and feel their sin is unforgivable and no one could love them.

It is often that extremes are wrong. The bible affirms that God knows just how sinful each person is and is willing to forgive.

You see it isn't about you. God already knows everything and sees everything. You don't need to hide your sin. You just come to God.

It is so simple in a way if feels offensive. Just admit that God is right and we are sinners and ask to be forgiven.

It is too easy right. But you see the solution relates exactly to the first sin.

Man (Adam) insisted in the beginning that God was not being honest with him. And that his ways were better than God's ways.

Now all God asks is that we admit we admit that God is being honest with us and that his ways are better than our ways.

You see the solution is an exact parallel to where the issue started. Of course man has done many other things and those things are cleansed by Jesus eternally God and Man forever.

You see Jesus fulfilled the whole law that we have not. You see an exact parallel again.

There is the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil. And there is the tree on Calvary. It is a simply choice really.

Man originally made the wrong choice and how he has two choices. To have never have had two choices would be easier but that is the past.

You see God has provided a solution that is a great replica of the issue. Man made the choice in the past to be apart from God.

How he has two choices to be apart from God and continue to not take God at his word or to come back to God and accept his word.

Some people wish to add works in to salvation. But that is still wanting to have things our way. It is not accepting God at his word that we need add nothing.

Why is this so hard for man? In Either/Or a man expresses that he if he asked for a servant to bring him water and the servant brought wine he would fire the servant, because he would rather be right than happy.

You see we are so foolish like this and would often prefer to be right rather than happy.
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