Saturday, February 15, 2014

Can a white lie be Christian

Can a white lie be Christian? I suppose most of the church would immediately say no.

I've always thought the answer can be yes. Sometimes you are meeting with a Christian brother who is limited in what they understand and they ask a question and you know they will not understand the answer.

Not only will they not understand the answer but they will often act in a why which it is difficult to maintain the relationship with the brother in Christ. I suppose people often say well it is the strong person’s obligation the weaker brother.

I suppose this is true. Maybe the strong person should tell the weaker brother the truth to the question and let the weaker brother act terribly and then forgive and move on. Or maybe the stronger brother should simply out of love side step the question.

I suppose in an extreme case you see the law come into conflict as the baby Moses is in a straw basket on the Nile. You have love and truth come in to play. Is it right to lie to save a life.

I see that when multiple aspects of the law seem to come into conflict the solution is always love. You see love is the some of the law. With evil in the world contradiction seems to occur at times and sometimes the generally unethical is ethical.

Another case is David when he was fleeing for his life was given bread from the temple and ate it. The penalty for this act is typically death. I think the priest did right.

You see such ridge law following that comes at the cost of the love is not Christian at all. Really if the law causes evil we have not understood it. If we think it is not lawful to heal or save a life on the Sabbath as the Pharisees did then we have not understood the law.

Love is the fulfillment of the law, not fulfilling the law is the fulfillment of the law.
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