Monday, February 17, 2014

God walking among Men

Often people feel as if God is difficult to grasp. He hides in the smoke and clouds and behind signs and symbols.

He is so far off. I cannot get the sense of him. This is how many people feel.

Of course the whole bible depicts the nature of God, but it is far easier. You see Jesus is very God of very God in human flesh. He walked among men.

The four gospels are most helpful. You see we have a record of God dwelling among men as a fellow brother.

Jesus as a member of the Trinity is not different than God; he is God. It is as if we had many fragmentary notes of God recorded in bits and pieces and now God himself has shown up on the scene and we have an extensive record of many years of his life and teaching and the teaching he imparted to his chosen followers.

You see God is not as difficult to find as we think. We simply need to look to the gospels to get a clear picture.

Of course many people wish to view Jesus as in some way different than the OT God. Jesus is all love and not wrath they say.

Of course this makes no sense. If you look at the teaching of Jesus he was very long suffering with many of his opponents but he was very firm in their condemnation if they would not change.

You see simply because the judge has paid and freely offers payment of the debt against those in debt does not mean there is no justice.

The price is paid, but by Jesus. All the glory goes to Jesus because he overcame death. That is of course why the bible always insists there is no grounds to boast.
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