Thursday, February 27, 2014

Direction in Life

We all yearn for knowing the direction to take our lives.  Some of us know, some of us don't know, and some of us think we know and don't.

One thing about not knowing the direction we should take in life is that it is typical.  We see many of the great figures of the bible completely lost for direction.

Often many around us who are very sure of the direction in which they will take their lives end up being wrong.  Life is such that often many of the things we believe will happen don't and many of the things we don't think will happen do.

God has a plan for our lives.  This is true but most people who say it often miss the fact that God's plan may look very strange.

We see a lot of people who appear to be blown hopelessly off course who are likely on God's track and many people who look on course who are completely off track.

You see we don't see many of the details from a distance.  Often there is a great fakeness in the way things are presented.  We can really only know our story and maybe some of the story of a few close friends.

It is often discouraging because many people paint a story of their lives which is untrue.  They are successful with great happiness or so it seems.

Appearance is not always the case.  Success sometimes comes at great cost and some "success" can be built on sand that will slide away.

Always as we walk through life we live out our faith day by day.  Living each day through faith is what we can do.

We will often not know the direction to take in life and that is fine.  Some people may criticise us for lack of direction but they show their ignorance.

Having lack of direction is not abnormal.  If one does not know the way to take it is not abnormal, and it displays a lack of wisdom in people who feel that we must understand our direction.

In a way there is nothing so off track as "knowing" one's direction when one is firmly heading down the wrong path.  If we pretend to know our direction when we don't we often internalize the error and this is a flaw which a great many people live with every day.

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