Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Theological Charity

A certain lack of theological charity seems to exist in the modern church. A lot of theologians and pastors now days have a spotlight on them.

Often it seems that they are under intense criticism for their beliefs simply because they hold a few unpopular positions. You see other theologians of similar stature make mistakes of similar type and they are given a pass because the do not hold to unpopular positions.

Christian media actually intensifies this injustice. Really the Christian media organizations of the world need to do some soul searching at times to find out what speaking in love is.

You see we cannot speak in love without being charitable and the desire to pile on to theologians or pastors with certain views we do not agree with is a sinful tendency.

Love is wanting good for our enemies. Many of these pastors are not even considered enemies by the Christian media but you see the media pile onto them at every turn.

I suppose it is the nature of journalism of our age, but you see that this sort of journalism has not become subservient to the revealed will of God.
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