Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Worship in Spirit and Truth

Scripture says we should worship God in spirit and truth. To worship God in spirit is to have emotion involved in worship.

To worship in truth means the emotion is based on and not apart from facts. You see worshiping in "spirit" where there is no content being worshiped upon is not biblical since truth is missing.

Always truth and spirit are linked. Truth without the right emotional response is lacking. Spirit without truth is also lacking.

God wishes for us to know him and our response of worship is based on knowing. It is like a couple who meets for the first time.

You see an emotional connection upon meeting someone often means nothing. You see the connection is based upon no knowledge.

Sometimes the connection remains after knowledge about the person but often not. More often we find that true connections are not at first sight and often knowledge about a person occurs before connection.

You see knowledge is connected to relation. Our love for God is not apart from knowledge of him.

The grace of God is that he chooses to love us despite knowing our nature. This is the deepest love, that God's love transcends our lack of worthiness.
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