Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Grace is undeserved. People often wonder why God chose them. Why me and not someone else?

Usually the answer people give is God could have chosen anyone. He is free and it is not something in yourself.

That is true and mostly on track. But the point is that grace is always undeserved. You see you do not deserve grace and no one deserves grace..

You see the questions like "was there something about me which caused God to chose me?" are wrong by definition. You see God chose not based on the facts, but contrary to the facts.

You see the good news is it is not about you. God is happy to save and he always saves apart from the facts of people's lives.

You see salvation is based on union with Jesus through faith. It is Jesus' blood that covers our sin and Jesus' life that fulfills the perfect obedience that God desires.

We make this so hard at times. We tend to get exasperated over the details and why this or that. But we need to realize God is free.

The name of the Lord "I Am" denotes pre-existence. Everyone notes that, but there is more. It denotes freedom. God will do what he pleases and when he pleases.

He doesn't need man to approve or care if man approves. God is perfectly good, but his goodness is not like what many men consider God. Many people view bad as good.

Ultimately God wants man to accept and follow him, but he will not be different than he is for men to come to him. He sets a very clear way.

He sent his only son eternally God and man into the world. When Jesus came into the world the last days began. The cross is the ultimate place of glory.

It is a choice. To choose God's ways and be foolish before man, this is to choose Jesus. Or to choose to be wise before men and reject God.
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