Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Small Things

One issue in the Christian life is that we often want to make a difference, but we don't know how. So we do nothing.

I think the issue at times is we think too big. We are busy working or being a student or a parent or doing this or that. And we compare ourselves to people with great ability and great time.

Comparison is often not helpful. You see we don't have to do something huge to make a difference. There are thousands of small options.

Sometimes we just need to pick something and go with it. Sometimes small things lead to bigger things and sometimes they don't.

But we can be faithful in living our Christian faith by looking for small opportunities to make a difference. Small changes add up and are meaningful.

It is pride to think that being a positive influence in a small way is not meaningful. It is doing nothing which is not meaningful.

God created man to be in community. With the reality of a fallen world man in community needs to attempt to make a difference.

It is often that we simply do not make a difference because we devalue the small things we can do. Another issue is that some people simply overlook what they have done.

They make a difference but they cannot accept it. So they never see any difference made because they cannot believe they have made a difference.

This tends to inhibit their effort because they never see results even when the results exist.

Sometimes we need to be humble to see we have made a change! It can be pride which blinds us from accepting we have made a small but real difference.

Sometimes self doubt blinds us from seeing the difference we have made. Here we need to realize that God uses broken man to do his will in the world. Everyone is weak and God uses us anyway.

Many people think they are strong but ultimately the strongest person in this world is weak. Death shows that in the end we are all weak. Some people are stronger than others but we are all weak whether we accept it or not.
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