Sunday, February 23, 2014

Irony and Oneself

Man is fallen. The fallen nature of man often deflects the teaching that all mankind is fallen. It as if we think the bible speaks to others and not ourselves.

You see we are fallen. The bible doesn't so much confront others as us individually. It meets each person about their state.

You see if we look at our self and think we are fully rational we deceive ourselves. But we have grace. We rest in grace day by day.

Grace allows us to live with the irony of our lives. Our lives are often a mess and grace tells us it is not where we are but who we trust and where we are going.

You see the bible frees us to follow God. We don't need to pretend we are perfect. God knows we are not.

It is the great folly of men to keep hiding their faults from God as if he does not know. When man ate of the tree in the garden and fell, God confronted man. It was no use for man to hide.

But we often hide. Instead God welcomes us to stop hiding and freely live by grace. Our righteousness is secure in Jesus and this frees us to follow him day by day without needing to fear our standing before God.
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