Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Missions and Social Justice

Sort of a strange state in some segments of the American church is that you can chose a church which believes in missions or you can join a church which believes in social justice and helping the poor.

I cannot figure out the dichotomy since both are in scripture. I suspect it may be a elder level issue of fear of how to use church funds (i.e. we might not have funds for two many things so what is our priority).

I wonder if the church must really make the either/or if it is a financial issue. I suspect many churches making the either/or decision for lack of funds are simply encouraging church members to support the poor or missions elsewhere.

It is not that their membership does not have these concerns it is just that their membership now needs to find a place to give outside of a church to be in accord with will of God.

Sometimes with faith we find that when we live the will of God the perceived lack is discovered to only have been perceived and did not exist but for our lack of faith.
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