Friday, February 21, 2014


What is true success and how can we judge it?

The world has many answers. There are many things the world values.

We can see these things easily if we turn on our TV. What our shows promote and what the ads sell to us.

The bible always has a different perspective. There is a temporal nature to these things which makes them in the sense of eternity worthless.

This is truly difficult to see and impossible without faith, but the moment now is like 1 grain of sand on an entire beach.

If we are lucky to live to ninety we will be judge to have a long life. But eternity is always ahead.

There is always more ahead than behind. The importance of the decision to follow God and listen closely follows necessarily.

Pascal always urged unbelievers to look seriously at the claims of Christianity. Many people feel the pursuit is a waste of time.

Always we think in the moment and if eternity is real the moment is always a moment even if the moment is a lifetime.

When we look at the bible we find that we are who God says we are. No psychology of man really explains humanity.

The psychology and sociology of the day always falls short. The need for progress is instituted to explain that man progresses.

Some progress may exist in areas but often regress in others. A society may become better in some aspects but fall in others.

Education does improve societal behavior but only by degree and not in essence.

The sin nature always exists. We can teach people to act well and not make bad choices because of consequences but it does not change the heart of mankind.

Only God changes the heart of man.
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