Thursday, February 20, 2014

Living by Faith

Living by faith requires constant thought. It is not that everything must always be rethought but we cannot live the Christian life in a meaningful way as a set of formulas.

You see the bible's constant call to wisdom is because wisdom is constantly needed in life. There is a great variety of situations in life many of which have many unique characteristics.

You see many business men in church who would not be satisfied with a cookie cutter solution to the problems in their business, but cookie cutter solutions to problems in the area of faith is not a problem to them.

We need to always attempt to live the Christian life in a thoughtful way. If we think we have figured out religion we haven't.

You see God is much larger than we are and the problems in the world are much harder to solve than we wish to think.

If we think we know the answers to the issues in life we are wrong. Because we have too much faith in ourselves. Humility to actually admit we do not have all the answers and frequently have very few answers is the only possible path toward really living the Christian life well.
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