Thursday, February 13, 2014

Theses on Implications in Theology

1. Expected implications of theological points often do not follow exactly as expected if we introspected on these implications. The way theological points follow as explained in the bible makes sense but it is often not what we would first expect.

2. Many implications we expect from theological points do not follow logically at all.

3. Many things follow from theology as implications which we would not expect by implications.

4. Mankind has a fallen mind which often cannot follow the implications of things of religious, ethical, or thoughts of God.

5. Man often strongly wishes implications that the bible will not allow.

6. Man often ignores implications of the bible which he does not like.

7. The bible says many things which man does not like. He can chose to be corrected by the bible or to correct the bible.

8. The bible says man is in need of correction on many things. If God and man differ man needs to change.
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