Saturday, March 22, 2014


In life it is hard at times to be accepted. We feel there are many communities which will not accept us.

There are many strings to acceptance at times. Sometimes we are accepted and through no fault of our own we are no longer accepted.

Sometimes we are accepted but leave the acceptance of others because we realize there is a moral or emotional cost to this.

The good news of life is that God is always a God of acceptance. I suppose there are strings attached here too.

It is called faith. If we have faith that Jesus is who he says he is we are accepted into the family of God?

Is it too easy? Yes and no. In principle it is far too easy. But this is the problem.

It offends our pride that the solution is so easy. It would in fact be somewhat easier if we were allowed to contribute something to our acceptance.

We have to work for human acceptance. This is not pleasant but at least a little work makes us feel we have earned our acceptance.

The reality is we do not earn our acceptance before God our acceptance before God is unconditional and free.

Something is difficult about this. The difficulty is our sin nature wishes to have a high view of ourselves.

There is nothing we can do and nothing we can provide. It is strangely unpleasant how easy it is.

That is the difficulty because the easiness of faith and the difficulty of accepting it points the reality of the all-encompassing sin nature.

We are who the bible says we are if we like it or not. Our nature is as the bible describes.

Mankind wishes to say that it is generally good. The evidence of history and sociology do not verify this perspective in any culture at any time.

The problem really is as the bible says. Man has a bad heart and needs a good heart by faith in Jesus.
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