Sunday, March 23, 2014

Reflection on Self and Others

Often you see people assume a great coherence of thought of themselves and others. We assume we are highly logical beings whose thought all meshes together and assume so of others.

It is one of those things which is often not the case. It is actually very normal for people to have disparate ideas with degrees of contradiction in their thought.

We often think about ideas in isolation and while the contradiction is often not very high in our thought it does exist. Sometimes others might point out the error and it is easy to become defensive.

Often what we need is grace and humility. Humility to admit that we are wrong on things. We cannot grow if we refuse to admit our errors.

Grace on ourselves is also very important. Sometimes we don't want to admit we are wrong because we are too tough on ourselves. We have more judgement against ourselves than God does and so we can't accept our flaws because of the guilt we feel.

It is normal to be wrong in life. Truly great thinkers are great not because they are never wrong but because they have the humility to accept they have made mistakes and grow.

We all have errors and issues. The question is just if we are willing to accept them and learn from them as we become aware of the errors and issues.
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