Sunday, March 2, 2014

Charity in Communication

Charity in communication is an essential element of love. We must first understand what we disagree with before we can critique their position.

You see it is easy to misunderstand others and nothing is so quick to kill fellowship than getting someone's views wrong.

You often see prolonged discussions or arguments that could be avoided by simply explaining what we mean by a term. Other times people cause arguments by demanding that certain positions are incoherent.

You see a position can be coherent and wrong. We need not claim that people we disagree with have incoherent positions.

We certainly do not need to view those we disagree with as lacking intelligence. You see charity in communication is an essential element of love.

Getting others views right is a part of love. Disagreeing in the proper spirit is Christian.

Disagreeing in the improper spirit is not Christian even if we are correct. You see truth and love must go together. Truth without love is not Christian.
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