Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Past

It is common for people to look to the past as better than today. They feel that in the past people behaved better and were more civil and more Christian.

You see we often see the problems of our day but fail to see the problems of other days. It is not as if past ages don't have problems. Their problems are simply different than ours.

You see it is very common to miss remember the past. Or to glorify the good times which were not so glorious.

As our memories of things fade we often forget many of the hard things about the past and remember the good. It is not always the case.

If you look at politics, history, our past, and even theological history you see a trend where the past often gets placed in a rosier light than it was.

Nothing is new under the sun. Mankind is mankind under sin in every age.

He expresses his sin similarly in each age with particular vices he favors. But man is the same. He is born with a bad heart in every age.

It is only when he looks to Jesus in faith that his heart of stone is turned to a heart of flesh.
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