Monday, April 28, 2014

A Time for Truth

Often we live in a world which does not care for truth. Unity is all that matters and we could not care of the details.

Often we can let anything go so long as there is peace. The bible meets this and tells us that there are some things worth fighting over.

Not every fact is worth fighting over, but some are. We can as Christians if we feel it is right have a disinterest in arguing fine points of exegesis or not coming to clarity on what a certain text is about. This is fine.

But in many central things such a disinterest is sin. We cannot have disinterest in the central and essential.

Errors related to Justification, the Trinity, the fully divine and fully man nature of Jesus, and other central issue cannot be easily passed over. There can be grace in these debates for people with doubts, but the debates cannot be passed over.

Sometimes we feel not apt to speak in debates. Often the errors are expounded by people of great rhetoric or intellect. But it is not we who win debates but God.

If God is for us no one can be against us. On a number of occasions I have entered debates on important topics I was sure I could not win.

Sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong and won the debate which I felt I had no ability to win. You see it is never we who win debates, but God who wins when he chooses to work through us.
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