Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Omission the great Failure of the Church

The most devastating issues in the church are the actions which are omitted (things which are not done. You see in life we often are faced with a choice to act or not act.

The failure to act is often the most devastating issue in the church. You see people in need and no one seems to care. You see many positive works are thrown away in these moments.

You find who truly cares are when the chips are down and you realize how little people care. You see talk is cheap and avoiding action is easy.

But you see it is all so negative to suggest that Christianity is not doing this or that. But when we are forced to act and faced with a choice to act that is when we learn something.

You see most dead religion is dead because it has no desire to act. There is no heat in the religion and when it meets the uncomfortable choice to act it fails.

You see to show up and recite a creed is easy. To pretend to live well is easy. To avoid certain actions is not so hard. But when confronted with the need to actual act and show love false religion almost always falls on its faith.

Many churches are filled with people of no faith. You see they have no desire to act and no desire to effect change.

When the opportunity to make a difference presents itself they always say, "No." You see many will serve on boards and do this or that easy choice but to actually love it is too much.

They can serve and spend time going through motions but to actually love is too much. You see Christianity is a religion which requires love.

Luckily God gives what he requires. When we accept God through faith he gives us the Spirit who breaths love into our lives.
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