Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our True Selves

Often our feeling about Christianity from the outside or inside is that it may destroy our personality. Christianity asks us to live in a certain why which limits our freedom and forces us to conform to principles.

It is often viewed that autonomy from religion is true freedom that preserves personhood, and therefore we are giving up freedom to accept religion.

The reality is that we find our true selves when we accept God. You see our personhood is based on the image of God in us which has been marred by the fall.

It is through our union with Christ through faith that the image of God in us which is marred slowly is restored.

God has always had man's happiness as a priority. We rarely see the fact that God has our happiness as a priority.

The problem of course is we see each moment in isolation and are lost in the thicket of the moment and cannot see the whole story of our life from start to finish as God can.

People often wonder why this or that happened. How can God use it. Often we can see this or that that God uses.

But he never shows us everything. We must always live by faith in his promises.
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