Thursday, April 17, 2014

Deep Christianity

Christianity is a very positive thing. The bible has a lot to say about what the Christian is and what he is to be doing.

But often we see many Christians move into a very negative form. They focus on what the Christian is not. The Christian is more characterized by what he is not that what he is to them.

You see this is a flaw because it is very close to the error of the Pharisees. You see they understood exactly what being a true follower of Yahweh was not, but did not understand what it positively was.

And you see the point is what Christianity is in fact is more important than what Christianity is not. Christianity is a relationship with the living God first and for most.

It is as if we have a tendency to describe our marriage by what we should not do. I should not do these 25 things. Yes, it is true. But that is not your marriage merely part of why if functions.

You see our union with God is or needs to be something. What our relation to God negates is far less important than what our relationship to God is.

Sometimes as C.S. Lewis says we are "far too easily pleased." You see this in many human marriages. Couples settle for getting along rather than being in love.

And this is why so many marriages break apart. Many people do not seek their own happiness in marriage. It is very subtle but true.

You see we should seek happiness in God. Christianity is about being happy through our union with Christ. But true happiness is very different that we expect.

You see the world is unhappy because it rejects the source of happiness. Many in churches reject the source of happiness when they move faith into a list of negatives.

The negatives of course only serve to protect the positives. As we have boundaries and ideals which enable marriage so the law supports proper faith.

But you see the law is not faith. Our relationship with God is faith.
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