Saturday, April 19, 2014

Self Knowledge and Sanctification

Often in churches you see this great discomfort when people express what they struggle with. It is as if pastors fear that church attenders expressing their sins give credence that the sin is alright.

I personally do not think this tendency is correct. There is certainly an over sharing which is possible, but a knowledge of sin is necessary for growth.

I always find it far more concerning when you find church members whose lives are so perfectly together and seem to have no awareness of their sin. It is often just not true.

It is more often that their is a lack of awareness or a fakeness to the person than a lack of sin. We all need to grow and are all at different points in our journey. Some of us have started in worse places than others.

But all of us need grace daily and a lack of awareness of sin is always quite concerning. We cannot grow if we do not see that we need to grow.

It is difficult to solve a problem that one cannot see exists. And sometimes this is why God confronts us with ourselves.

We cannot grow in issues we do not see. And sometimes God purposely brings opportunities for issues to come to the surface for this reason.
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