Sunday, April 20, 2014

Unhelpful Questions

There are many unhelpful questions. Putting aside leading questions or questions with false assumptions there are many unhelpful questions.

Some questions are unhelpful because they can only result in bad things. But many questions are simply a confusing waste of time.

In Christianity questions which tend to be unhelpful often fall in categories which the bible does not discuss.

Often questions relating to heaven and the spiritual realm have a disappointing lack of coverage for many Christians. There is a great amount of work which speculates in these unknown spheres.

You see when we speculate in areas which God does not reveal we are at least being unhelpful and quite possibly dangerous.

You see it is man's first sin which re-appears constantly. He wishes to know more than he is told. He feels God has held something back.

There will always be something more to know even in heaven day by day as we learn more and more of God. But the feeling of many men is that God has left out something important which we should know.

This is unbelief to doubt that God has our best interest in mind. You see he has told us all we need and more than we need and not left an important gap in our knowledge. He does not show us everything but what he has revealed is sufficient and true.

You see it is sort of folly to doubt God's intensions on specific points if we have accepted the cross and resurrection. God who had nothing to gain stepped in and intervened at great cost to himself to help man.

You see God has nothing he needs from us. He has already demonstrated faithfulness toward man by entering into a relationship with man which is completely one sided.
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